Edgar Allan Poe Society of Prague

Established in 1998 in Prague, Czech Republic as a non profit organisation, the Poe Society was originally set up to promote the life and works of Edgar Allan Poe and to encourage and promote old and new artistic interpretations of Poe's works.

The Poe Society of Prague has at it's core, over 15,000 items relating to Mr. Poe, including first editions and rare articles, but the main part of the collection focuses on the influences that Poe has had across all aspects of 20th Century popular culture.

Since it has been established, the Poe Society has actively sought to promote Poe through the organising and funding of high profile events such as the First International Poe Festival, held in Prague for which the Poe Society received a 'Landmark Achievement' award from the Mystery Writers of America.

Other events include exhibiting items from the Society?s collection at the famous Beatles Abbey Road Studios for the world premiere of a lavish musical based on Poe life and works by renowned musician and composer, Eric Woolfson, as well as the placement of a plaque in Covent Garden where Poe's grandparents once trod the boards of the London stage.

Latest News:

4th June 2011 - New Bust of Poe to be unveiled in Stoke Newington, London, England.

I have great pleasure in being able to advise that a new bust of Poe, commissioned by The Edgar Allan Poe Society of Prague, will be unveiled on Saturday 4th June, 2011 at the site of the Manor House School in Stoke Newington, England where Edgar spent 3 years studying between 1818 and 1820.

The Manor House School years had a profound effect on the young Edgar and feature prominently in his tale 'William Wilson', and so it fitting that a permanent reminder to Poe's legacy is finally given pride of place in his ancestral home of the U.K.

The unveiling will be performed by distinguished actor and writer Steven Berkoff, as part of the Stoke Newington Literary Festival?s many events being staged on 'Edgar Allan Poe Day' organised by The Flicker Club. (see attached press release)

Full details and pictures will be featured on the new Edgar Allan Poe Society of Prague website that is currently under construction, but should anybody like more information or photos from the event in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me;

Peter Fawn
Founder - Edgar Allan Poe Society of Prague
Email: edgarallanfawn@gmail.com

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